Oct 21, 2023

PREMIUM: click here Thursday & Friday  ISC & Premier classes Bratty Paws CUP and AKC WTT qualifying event. CUP final on Saturday. Saturday & Sunday regular classes

Number of Days: 4

Judge(s):  ISC classes designed and judged by Stefanie Semkat, Regular AKC classes designed and judged by Dan Wolfson

Site Information: Punta Gorda - Bratty Paws Dog Plex

Club info:  Dobie: facebook,  Lee County: website facebook 

Trial Secretary: Big Dog Trial Services (Lori Patterson) - website

Opens: December 1

Closes: February 7

Online entry available: Yes

You can like/follow the Facebook page or Twitter(X) feed by clicking on the two icons to the right and taking the appropriate action when you get there.. If you would like to send an email click on the envelope

Twitter @floridaagility