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Trial Hosts is list of organizations that have held trials since the start of COVID. The list includes the venues offered and all discovered links. A number of organizations have discontinued or cut back on trials. For example, Indian River DTC has only held TDAA trials and Mid-Florida Golden Retriever Club handed off their trial dates and equipment to NorAust. 

Trial Secretaries with web sites

Equipment is a list of equipment vendors. These will have the state abbreviation at the end and they are listed in the approximate distance from Florida. For example, a Georgia company would be listed before a California company and companies in Florida would be listed first. The vendors offer everything from inexpensive backyard equipment to competition level equipment. For inexpensive equipment, you can also consider online vendors such as Amazon, Ebay, Chewy, etc. Companies like MAD Agility sometimes come to Florida with a trailer full of equipment hoping to leave with an empty trailer. For example, in January 2023 their show schedule had four trial sets over a five week period in January. You can pre-order equipment and take delivery at a trial and save on shipping. You can also pick up equipment from vendors at major events like DACOF, the AKC agility invitational and other national events held in Florida like the UKI US-OPEN.

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