Green Cove Springs - Clay County Fairgrounds

Preliminary entry - Trial to be held in January 2025

Venues hosted: CPE

Under cover on dirt

2463 FL-16, Green Cove Springs, FL 32043

Fair Website, County Website   

Most of the facilities are under the County control but a few facilities (including a RV park) are under the control of the Fair.  There are two covered arenas. The small one is 236'  X 142' with seating for 200. The large one is 300’ X 162’ with seating for 3400.

The Fair operates a full fledged RV park (with rest rooms & 69 sites - 1 for the park host) and the County has RV full hookups (48) on the North and South sides of the midway. 

Alternative Lodging

Alternative RV Parks  


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