Ocala - World Equestrian Center

Venues hosted: AKC

Onsite RV park with around 300 spaces plus fuel station and store.

New facility officially opened in January 2021. The site of some National Specialities and ‘AKC National events. Site of the 2022 AKC National Agility Championship.

Probably a bit expensive for local clubs but maybe big national events or maybe even DACOF. For agility, there are five indoor climate controlled arenas with floor space exceeding 170’x500’. The first four of the arenas feature a white felt/sand mix for the floor and the fifth “western” arena features a clay/sand mix for the floor. Even the barns are air conditioned! In addition there are two exhibition halls about the same size as the arenas but since they have electrical outlets in the floor dirt would not be allowed but artificial turf is conceivable. 

They continue to expand the Center. An additional hotel with 400 rooms is planned. High end shopping center along the highway, a sixth indoor arena, increased medical facilities and an event center. 

1390 NW 80th Ave., Ocala, FL 34482



Alternative Lodging

Alternative RV Parks


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