This section consists of a number of training organizations acquired by either a web search or request from the training organization.  The organizations are grouped in a few geographic clusters. From Northwest to Southeast, the locations are:

  • Panhandle - From Pensacola to the Tallahassee areas
  • North Central - Gainesville, Ocala and surrounding areas 
  • Jacksonville - Jacksonville/St. Augustine area
  • Central East - Middle of the peninsula from Orlando area to Daytona
  • Central West - Tampa area to the western edge of the Orlando area
  • Southwest - Fort Myers area
  • Southeast - From the Space Coast through the Keys

With the exception of the Southeast, the organizations are listed alphabetically by city and name. The Southeast is organized in order from north to south.  Click on the buttons above to go to the area you want to explore.

There is a wide variety of agility training available. The classes range from just for fun equipment orientation along with doggie daycare to competition training with instructors that have competed internationally. It is up to you to decide what is appropriate for you. You may start with a "just for fun" and then decide you want to compete. Agility with your dog can be addicting.

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