Trial Sites

Florida has a wide variety of trial sites ranging from training facilities in someone’s back yard (a big back yard!) to commercial facilities like the World Equestrian Center which has five climate controlled arenas each of which could easily hold four agility rings (five with not much space in-between). In between there are a couple of single ring indoor facilities with synthetic turf, some smaller indoor facilities with mats (usually TDAA & UKC trials), some outdoor covered equestrian arenas capable of two rings and indoor equestrian facilities with room for two rings. 

Trial sites come and go. Of particular note, the Turner Center in Arcadia really got Summer agility started in Florida.  Well air-conditioned and room for two AKC rings on the dirt floor it opened up agility in the summer time. Until that time there were only UKC & TDAA trials held on mats in a few smaller indoor training facilities and DACOF. Bratty Paws and Dog Training club of St. Petersburg opened up indoor rings on turf with space for full size AKC rings. At the start of COVID-19, the use of the Turner Center became problematic and the two sites picked up the slack.

Clicking the trial site list button will bring up a scrollable list of trial sites organized by the name of the city where it is located. In some cases there may be a couple of cities separated by a slash where the site may be between a couple of locations or in the case of The Grand Oaks Resort where the main entrance is in Wiersdale and the RV/exibitor entrance is in Lady Lake. Clicking on a link will take you to a page describing the site.

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