This site is intended to be a tool kit for agility competitors in Florida, whether they are residents, snowbirds or just visiting for a week or more and want to squeeze a trial in with your other tourist adventures. Most flavors of agility can be found in Florida. These include AKC, AKC-ISC, ASCA, CPE, NADAC, TDAA, UKC, UKI and USDAA. There is also a team event held at the end of June - DACOF (Dog Agility Competition of Florida) that generally follows AKC rules but is not sanctioned.

Some site features:

For those in traveling in RVs, most of the AKC sites are RV friendly with some degree of hookups ranging from electric only to water/electric/sewer hookups. There are a few AKC sites where you will have to dry camp and one that does not allow camping. The trial site information will indicate the RV accommodations. All sites have a link to a site listing RV facilities in the area.

Final Tidbits on the old site

New site info

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