Merritt Island - Brevard County Dog Training Club

The Brevard County Dog Training Club (BCDTC) is a Not for Profit Florida corporation, section 501(c)(4), and is also a licensed affiliate of the American Kennel Club (AKC) offering classes for both purebred and mixed breeds of all ages.

 Since 1973 BCDTC has promoted and fostered responsible dog ownership in Brevard County.  As dogs continue to become more important members of our family we encourage you to help your dog become the best he/she can be. A well trained dog will be welcome anywhere in your community and be a great addition to your family.

Our mission is to advance the interest of and enrich the lives of dogs and their owners by:

Fostering responsible dog ownership through training for all dog owners, providing a safe, knowledge environment for the training of all dogs

Promoting dog sports via club sponsored fun matches, fun runs and sanctioned trials, tests and matches

Encouraging owners of all dogs: rescues, mixed breeds, and purebred dogs alike to become welcome members of the community through good behavior 

625 Gladiola Dr., Merritt Island, FL   32952

Phone: 321-459-9809



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