Saint Augustine - Pet Camp

We are an all inclusive dog boarding facility that loves to let dogs be dogs.  Out on five acres yet close to downtown St.Augustine, we offer four large shaded playground areas to our doggie playcare customers and vacationing dogs to romp around in. Our luxurious and spacious climate controlled dog suites with automatic water bowls provide a comfortable and safe environment at night and during resting time.  We group dogs according to size and temperament and provide hours of outside playtime every day at no additional charge.

We offer several different training programs here at camp. From Puppy Class to Basic Obedience, Dog Agility, Flyball, Problem Solving and Behavior Modification to Trick Training , Basic Frisbee and Advanced Obedience Training.  We have a K-9 Drill Team which is free to join.

Our philosophy is to encourage responsible pet ownership and improvement of the human/pet relationship through our diversified education programs.

Pet Camp strives to provide  a comfortable, loving, happy, stimulating and safe environment for your pet during the times you are not able to.

1195 Thompson Bailey Rd, Saint Augustine, FL  32084

Phone: 904-829-6165



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