Osteen - Best Paw Forward Inc.

1835 Oak Haven Plantation Rd,. Osteen, FL  32764




Phone: 407-321-1006 Text: 407-415-6601

Central Florida, south end of Volusia County, between Orlando and Daytona

10 totally enclosed fenced acres. 100' square fenced ring for our competition agility classes with stadium lighting. Separate fencing for a 100' by 120' ring. (plus two partially fenced obedience/rally/conformation rings). 

Gentle, family-oriented methods; longest running group clicker classes in southeast U.S., small group and private classes on property, ring rental. Safe ponds, wading pools, multiple faucets for cooling off dogs. Our home is on the property so people restroom is inside, along with our full kitchen and other facilities if needed. Friends and students often come down and stay in our guest room with their dogs too. Volunteer and help with our club programs when you are here in Fla. and get free access.

It is very important to use the directions on our web page or we are happy to e-mail them to you. GPS and map programs make a few serious mistakes with this site.

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